Integrated Physics and Calculus

Andrew Rex
Department of Physics

Martin Jackson
Department of Mathematics
and Computer Science

University of Puget Sound

For the last eight years, the Departments of Mathematics and Physics have offered a year-long course that integrates calculus and physics. Our goal is to increase student understanding by synchronizing related topics in calculus and physics. The course is team-taught and meets eight hours per week. We have written a text to disseminate the curriculum we have developed. More details of our course and text are described in the current draft of a paper.

For specifics on the text, you can visit the web page for the text at Addison Wesley.

In using the text, we uncover mistakes and typos all too often. You can download the current errata for Volume One (updated January 18, 2005) and the current errata for Volume Two (updated January 18, 2005).

I am developing a gallery of 3D pictures related to the text. Some of these are versions of figures from the text.

Other individuals and institutions have courses that integrate some combination of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. The Foundation Coalition has information about a number of NSF sponsored projects involving integration in engineering programs. Here are links to other integrated programs: